Limited Can Release – Carton of Haze

April 22, 2017 · 12:00 → April 23, 2017 · 00:00

Limited Can Release this Saturday (April 22nd) at Mikkeller Brewing San Diego!
What’s on:
– Cartons of Haze, Imperial IPA w/ Lactose, 8.45% Abv.
– Brewed w/ Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, Cascade
What does it taste like:
– Did you just order a $5 milkhopshake? IIPA? Hops and lactose? Uh-huh. And it is hazy? Yep. You dont put fruit in it or anything? Nope. Just a magical menagerie of peach and apricot aromas doing the twist with a frothy, creamy orange julius – sure to make that slim jack rabbit proud. Silky, mouthfeel with a splash of tangerine peel, best enjoyed by drinking.
Release info:
– Sneak Prevue Tuesday (April 18th) at 12pm-9pm
– On tap Friday (April 17th)
Viking Club sign up is NOW!
– Release Saturday at 12pm
– Price: $20 (4-pack)
– Limit: 6 (4-packs)
– Limited amount!
Viking Club members:
– First dibs Friday from 2pm to 10pm
– Available in Web Shop Friday at 11am
– Note: Password protected (members will receive password via e-mail at 10:45am)
– Price: $20 (4-pack)
Web shop:
– Public Web Shop sales open at 12pm.
– Price $20 (4-pack)
– Limit: 6 (4-packs)
– Shipping in all CA
Food Truck:
– Friday: Bread & Cheese
– Saturday: The Poke Craft

Limits are subject to change at anytime!

Don’t forget to buy VIP wristbands for our One Year Anniversary Party.
Tickets can be found here on Brown Paper Tickets!

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