Hot Pot with Strangers!

January 3, 2018 · 18:00 → January 31, 2018 · 21:00

Mikkeller X Hot Pot Republic Copenhagen: Hot Pot with Strangers

Imagine all the thousands of fabulous, beautiful, and interesting people in Copenhagen you haven’t met. Now is your chance to meet them!


Join us every Wednesday at Hyggestund to Hot Pot with other interesting people. You would be surprised to learn how many groundbreaking ideas that were born between strangers hot potting together!

What is Hot Pot?
Hot pot is the most social dining format in the world. Like templar knights around a table, you cook together on a portable stove. 
Two boiling aromatic soups is the base of the experience and you cook along by simmering a range of delicious, nutritious, and flavourful ingredients for a few minutes. All while engaging in conversation with others. 

How to join?
– You will have to post few lines about yourself here and remember to buy the ticket.
– We will team you up with 2 to 6 people to “cook” a Hot Pot together.
– You share the food, your ideas, a little bit about yourself maybe, and a nice moment in time with strangers.

We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

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