Bissel Brothers Brewers Party

November 9, 2017 · 14:00 → November 11, 2017 · 02:00

At Mikkeller Bar Aarhus & Mikkeller & Friends we are overly proud to present for the first time in DK: Bissell Brothers!

Straight out of Maine we’re flying in some suuuuper fresh beers and the brewers!

If you don’t know the brothers yet, then this is your chance…

“Bissel Brothers was born out of a desire to make something from our deepest interests and passions that would become a separate entity: greater than the individual sums of its creators. We believe that freat beer comes from a commitment to be constantly challenging the perceptions of what different styles of beers can actually become. The second we settle, the second we sat that a beer has been taken as far as it can go, we start losing. The proverbial mountaintop exists only in our minds. Always be climbing, always be pushing forward…”

Beer list:
– Lux, Tropical Rye Beer, 5,1%
– Big Small World, APA 5,5%
– Industry vs Inferiority, IPA, 6,2%
– The Substance, IPA, 6,6%
– Reciprocal, IPA, 7,3%

Note: Mikkeller Bar Aarhus on Nov 9th and Mikkeller & Friends on Nov 11th.

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