Bean Geeks Chocolate, free sampling & Kold Chokolade on tap

April 20, 2018 · 16:00 — 20:00

Created fresh daily in Copenhagen from the bean to the bar, Bean Geeks is handcrafted chocolate in its purest form. No artificial additives, no fancy ganaches or glittery gold wrappings, just lipsmackinly flavorful dark chocolate made with the best cacao beans on the planet and a minimal use of machines.

This Friday we are launching it in Aarhus with a fistful of cool offerings!

Swing by for free samplings of the chocolate bars and a soul enriching drinking chocolate. Meet the maker, Mads Stigborg, for a chat about anything chocolate, while you’re drinking a beer brewed with and abundance of his roasted cacao nibs. Finally you can of course bring home your favorite bar!

Kold Chocolate on tap. Chocolate stout served on nitro, brand new and pure indulgence clocking in at soft 7%.

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