Death Metal Beer tasting at COPENHELL at 4PM today!

Today at 4PM, Victor, bass player in Entombed AD, and our very own Absinthe-madman, Mixen Lindberg will host a free beer and booze tasting for 4 lucky COPENHELL metalheads. The tasting will take approximately one hour, and will include violent percentages, tales from the road and the possibility of going insane. All you have to […]


For COPENHELL 2015, Mikkeller & Den Klodsede Bjørn produced a micro-release, single batch, handcrafted absinth of only 150 bottles – ABSINDSSYG. Tales of insanity, wolf blood and a portion of mass hysteria surrounded the, now infamous, release. In the name of sustainability we distilled the remaining alcohol from the maceration of spirits and herbs to […]

Mikkeller Beer Week Event Listing

Hi. Take a seat. With so many venues in play and all the amazing events we have lined up for this years MBW, this is the the place you can always go to for the full overview of happenings. As we go along we will be updating this regularly, so check back frequently to stay updated. […]


  A borough will get its own gin on the 11th of July. In collaboration between Hammer & Son, known for the award winning Geranium and Old English Gin, and Mikkeller – the guys behind not only beer but also Botanical Gin, comes Vesterbro Backyard Gin. The two gin makers will apply herbs, scents, plants […]

Mor Jane Birthday Bash at WarPigs

Mor Jane – ruler of Café Viking, and overall rad Nørrebro (Copenhagen neighborhood) beer pusher for many decades is hitting the magical mark of 70 years. As a good friend of Mikkeller, and to honor the work she’s done for this city, we’ll be offering a limited amount of Flæskestegs sandwiches (Pork roast sandwiches) at […]

Double gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition

We took our favorite imperial stout, distilled it to beer brandy, barrel aged it in small barrels and ended up with a very distinct liquor that not only links directly to the beer, but also serve an overwhelming smooth finish. We’ve been sitting on this for a while now, knowing we were on to something […]

Copenhell Moonshine

Copenhell – the biggest Metal Festival in Denmark – is now well over. The last long haired heads has been shook, the last maniac mosh pit has been made and the last throat breaking, growling sing a long shout out loud song has been sung. Mikkeller was of course represented to this festival due to […]

Our web shop is up and running again

  Guys and girls – beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks, I have some good news for you today. Mikkellers web shop is working again. Yeah baby, it’s up and running. Classic t-shirts, new t-shirts, beer and booze, chilli sauce, sweat shirts and posters, even the super rare Copenhell Moonshine is in stock right now, so […]

Mikkeller Spirits is travelling

In November 2012 Mikkeller launched Mikkeller Spirits with its first brands of our 17,5% Imperial Stout “Black”, the first hop vodka, gin and white dog. Now Mikkeller Spirits has made its first travel out in the world to meet other equally minded distillers. The intention is to get inspired, get better, get wiser and get […]

New Bar

We stopped by Stefansgade, Nørrebro, this weekend to take a look at the bar work in progress. So far everything is coming a long smoothly. We can’t wait to show you the final result in March.

Mikkeller Spirits – now in Sweden

You’ve probably noticed how many Swedes you always meet at Mikkeller Bar. We are of course very happy that this is the case. As we have become accustomed to snuff cans on the tables and the spicy scent of köttbullar (Swedish meatballs), which is always part of meeting with the always polite and well-dressed Swedes. […]

Barrel aged Black the Black edition

Barrel aged Black the Black edition is a new beer from Mikkeller. And I do mean Black the Black, not Back in Black, as a reference to AC/DC’s amazing album, not Big and Black as a reference to the world famous adult movie, that I’m sure all readers of this blog are familiar with. No, […]

It’s Christmas time…

Christmas is a wonderful time. Finally an opportunity to spend to spend some time with friends and family. Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts. Everything is great, but it can also be stressful. Especially buying all the Christmas gifts can generate some stress. But at this very point Mikkeller rows you a […]


This Monday we’ll release Mikkeller Spirits here in Denmark.  And you’re hereby invited to stop by Mikkeller Bar and savor this new product that has been developed in cooperation with Braunstein distillery. This is the first in a series of spirits that Mikkeller will be launching. Everything is of the highest quality, made in very […]