Mikkel Borg Bjergsø

What do you do at Mikkeller?

Clean the espresso machine, take the trash out, pay the bills etc. etc. And then sometimes I have time for brewing, collaborations, traveling, doing recipes, corresponding with customers and so on. On a daily basis I mostly work at the office communicating with the breweries where we brew our beer, making sure labels are done on time, checking up on accountings and corresponding with customers. I also handle all press related stuff and meet up with a lot of interesting and talented people regarding new Mikkeller projects.

Which Mikkeller Beer is your favourite?

It’s hard to name a favorite among your children. But if I have to choose one it has to be Nelson Sauvignon. It’s a light Belgian ale brewed with brettanomyces and enzymes for the driest possible beer. We used Nelson Sauvin hops, which have grape characteristics and it is aged on white wine barrels. This is done to imitate Champagne – and I actually think we succeeded.
… But my favorites much depend on the mood. Maybe I prefer wine?

How did you start the firm?

I started it in 2006 with my friend Kristian. We had been home brewing for three years and decided it would be fun to get a wider reaction on our beers. Instead of building our own brewery we decided to rent time and equipment at existing breweries. This was done to avoid taking big bank loans and compromise in order to sell our beers.

When not at work?

When is that? Whenever I have five minutes of spare time I love to travel to deserted places, eat at fancy pancy restaurants in Copenhagen, hang out with hipster friends or receive back-clapping and recognition … Or just relax on the couch with my two lovely girls at home. I do work a lot. Until recently I worked pretty much all the time, but the last year I have tried to work less in order to be able to spend more time with my daughter and wife. We go for walks in Copenhagen, travel or relax in our house in the countryside and enjoy the nature of the area.