Mash Craft Beer Festival

The first edition of MASH Craft Beer Festival – a gathering of some of the world’s top craft brewers under the Barcelona sun – was held in the weekend of September 2nd – 3rd 2017. 

Brewski, What’s Brewing and Garage Beer Co masterminded the event, which hopefully – judging from this years experience – will be a reoccuring yearly tradition. 

Mikkeller & Warpigs were invited and had a great time, meeting good friends, a thirsty spanish audience and a local craft beer scene experiencing a rapid rise, it seems. 

A cool, chabby chic old industrial ground in the outskirts of the city center set the scene for a weekend of beer (of course), live music and local inspired street food trucks in a casual atmopshere. 

Whats not to like? Nothing – we’d come back again if invited!!

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